Automatic Pool Cleaner RV4400

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Automatic Pool Cleaner RV4400

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  • Patented cyclone technology, without loss of suction.
  • Lift System Function is a patented system which permits the pool cleaner to be removed with total ease and with minimum effort.
  • Full filter indicator lets you know when the filter needs to be cleaned.

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It is complicated for the pool to always be impeccable.

Unless you have an excellent ally which responds every time you need it.

We understand that cleaning the pool is an unappetising task, which can result in sore backs if done incorrectly and can be very frustrating if after a couple of days, or even hours, it is dirty again due to the inclemencies of the weather.

In addition to having an unappealing aspect for bathing, a dirty pool can lead to the formation of bacteria and algae, not at all pleasant when you want to have a swim.

So, ultimately, cleaning a pool may be a waste of time, time which you could spend resting or enjoying your pool.


The most convenient and efficient solution to always keeping your pool impeccable.

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