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Pool Maintenance

We give a new life to your pool
Private Pools

Nowadays, lack of time is something very common in families. If you’re one that always likes to have their pool in perfect shape, be it winter or summer, with clean water and perfect technical maintenance, Piscinia has thought of you.

If you’re one of those that sees the pool as a fundamental part of your home’s general aesthetic, and you prefer to stop worrying about the annual maintenance of your pool, we will do it for you.

Comprehensive maintenance for private and public pools

We offer a comprehensive maintenance service for your pool. Cleaning, technical support and repairs, inclusive of all the products required for the correct operation and cleaning of the equipment.


Public Pools

Lifeguard service for Public Pools

  1. Service of supervision and prevention of aquatic accidents, as well as assist and activate the rescue protocol in light of any accidents.
  2. A fully qualified professional with the necessary training for the well-being of the users and safety of all bathers

Public Pool Access Controller

  1. Service of controlling all those that enter or exit the enclosure with complete safety and control.