When the bath season is approaching it is time to check all the accessories of our pool. Surely you will have to make some adjustments or renovations. So if you think your cleaning robot has become obsolete, loses suction or needs to be replaced, in Pool we advise you how to choose the perfect cleaner for you.


The range of cleaners on the market is very wide. From manual to automatic models there is a big difference in both use and results.

Without doubt, the cleaner is a great world to discover. The trend in cleaners seeks to make the pool clean completely self-sufficient without the owner having to worry about it continuously. In this way, both new trends and the advancement of technology leads us to opt for automatic models that can be programmed and avoid the need to be aware of the daily cleaning of our pool.

The manual cleaner requires us to look for dirty spots and suck them in a slower and less accurate way. Meanwhile, automatic pool cleaners run the entire pool eliminating all the dirt from it.


The Zodiac model RV 5600 cleaner is one of the most complete models that exist today. Its power and design make it a reliable cleaner and it has the addition that it works in a practically independent way.

Suitable for all types of pools. No matter what shape (up to a size of 20×10 meters), the RV 5600 is able to clean both the bottom and walls as well as the pool water line.

The most important features of this model of cleaners are three:

Limpiafondos Automático RV5600

  • Its constant suction power. ZODIAC cleaners have a unique system called «cyclonic suctioning». This system keeps the dirt in suspension inside the waste bag, so that the cleaner never becomes clogged or loses absorption capacity by keeping the dirt inside and not stuck to the walls.

  • Its off-road cleaning ability. Its four-wheel design ensures that it is anchored perfectly on the pool walls ensuring cleanliness. In addition, in case you encounter any obstacles, you also overcome it without problems.
  • It is a light device out of the water thanks to its special lifting system. The design of this cleaner is not only perfect for the pool, but also facilitates its handling both to introduce it in the pool and to remove it. Thus, thanks to its unique system, it is possible to remove it from water easily and effortlessly.





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The RV 5600 cleaner includes remote control, easy access tank and cart to be able to move and save effortlessly.

  1. Cleaning area. This robot cleanser easily faces cleaning both the bottom and walls and water line of your pool.

  2. Programming. In addition to complete cleaning cycles can be programmed to clean only the bottom or only the water line. It has an integrated programming clock that can be programmed up to seven days in advance.

  3. Power source. Autonomous connected to 230 V.

  4. Brushes. Contact + brushes are the best in the range.

  5. Security. Beach system, automatic stop out of water, electronic protection of motors

  6. Type of filter. Rigid filter with access by the top of the cleaner for easy cleaning. It has a full filter indicator that notifies us when it is necessary to empty it.

Buying a good cleaner is essential so that the water in your pool is kept clean and clear. It is one of the essential accessories because it deals with insects, leaves, dust and other impurities. All this can dirty your pool and make the bathroom unpleasant, so it is essential to clean daily.

If you need advice or advice on buying your cleaner, in Piscinia we are experts in pool maintenance. So do not hesitate to get in touch with us both by phone and via email.

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